GOLD Chocolate is here

30 Jul 2019

Following the success enjoyed with the launch of Ruby in 2018, GOLD Chocolate is San Churro's newest delicious endeavour. In order to sustain their credibility within the chocolate and dessert space, it is important they continue to push the envelope and be at the forefront of the newest flavour and dessert trends. Gold chocolate is the next big opportunity. Whilst Ruby was a big hit, Gold has an even broader appeal with a moreish caramel flavour profile that  customers are going to love. 

What is GOLD?

Gold chocolate has an intense yet balanced caramel chocolate taste, with rich notes of toffee, butter, cream and a hint of salt. Its unique golden hue reflects this deliciously unique caramel flavour. Ideal for creating chocolate desserts, enrobing, dipping, moulding or coating. This will deliver an unforgettably moreish caramel flavour to any dessert.

Head into San Churro on Syren Street today to experience the tantalising taste of GOLD Chocolate today.