Maintain a healthy routine, anywhere!

05 Aug 2020


There’s no time like the present to get on top of your health and wellbeing, and while the cold weather makes for a good excuse to remain warm and cosy indoors, you can still setup a workout space without having to leave the house.


Setting up your workout zone

The key to remaining focused during a workout is to find a space that allows you enough room to stretch out and move around, plus hide away from any potential distractions. Set up a circuit fitness mat  to minimise strain on muscles and joints and have a towel on hand for quick drying of sweaty surfaces.


Add some motivating elements

There’s nothing worse than completing a workout without music. Time passes by creepishly slow! Invest in a set of wireless headphones  or have a speaker nearby and turn up the volume and help you get in the zone.


All the gear and no idea

While cardio activities like running require no gym gear, it’s great to incorporate some equipment like dumbbells or a resistance band into your fitness routine. This adds variation and helps to target, strengthen and tone muscle.