Styling at Rockingham

Robyn Paterson from Paterson Personal Styling is an experienced Personal Fashion Stylist, Wardrobe and Colour consultant with many years working in the fashion industry. She has styled hundreds of women of all shape, size and age. Robyn is an expert at personal fashion styling - whether it's creating every day, affordable, mix and match wardrobes, packing capsule travel wardrobes, including cruises, or dressing a client for a very special occasion.
Although consulting a Personal Stylist may seem like a bit of a luxury at first, you’ll soon realise that you are actually saving both time and money. Your new found knowledge on how to dress for your body shape and colouring will give you more outfits in your wardrobe for less cash outlay. No more ‘brand new and never worn’ clothes hanging up in your closet! Plus, it’s affordable, with hourly sessions starting at $120 per person.
There are many reasons to use a Personal Style Guide. It might be a special occasion such as a milestone birthday. You might need a boost confidence and a new look, or you’ve reached an age and all of a sudden nothing seems to suit. You may have had a weight loss or a change in circumstances, such as a new job or relationship.

During your styling session, you'll also have access to retailer discounts from Jeanswest (15% off), Katie's (10% off) and Just Jeans (10% off).
The majority of her clients are ordinary, everyday women who are looking for an updated, practical, affordable and stylish wardrobe to enhance their style.
Robyn is available for wardrobe audits, personal shopping sessions, workshops, style parties and as a guest speaker.

Mobile: 0411 183 470


To begin with, Robyn will gather essential details from you: 

  • You body shape,
  • Colour preferences, 
  • Lifestyle, 
  • Your style personality, 
  • Needs and 
  • Budget.

You will then shop together through the stores in the Centre and find something to fit your needs.

No muss, no fuss. Discuss your needs with Robyn, from your lifestyle, career and budget, then shop together to get what you need.

Whatever your size, there is an option for you. Contact Robyn to talk through options for your size.

Get measured and advised on your body shape, receive tips on what to wear for your type and style.

During this one hour consultation, you will be measured and advises about your body shape. You’ll receive a comprehensive ‘tip sheet’ of what to wear, and what to avoid. Robyn will also analyse your own unique style, based on your lifestyle, and personal style preferences, so you’ll be armed with the right information for your next shop.  This is a great ‘starter’ option.

Cost: $200

Clean out your wardrobe and get the best of what you own from the wardrobe audit.

A wardrobe audit will begin with a consultation – body shape, colours preferences, lifestyle, and defining your style personality. Based on these details, Robyn will ‘clean out’ your wardrobe.

She will advise you on what items to re-home and which items to keep. She will be honest about what pieces just don’t suit your body shape. You'll be mixing and matching and putting together outfits that you didn’t even know you had!

After an audit, your wardrobe will make you happy. It will be neat and organised, everything in it will be useable – it all fits, is wearable, clean and current.

Cost: from $49pp to $119 pp.

Love the idea of a style session or a personal shopping session, but don't want to go by yourself? This is the option for you.

Robyn hosts Group Style Workshops from the Style Room! Depending on how many people you want to include, the sessions will be a mix of Body Shape Analysis and Personal Shopping sessions.